Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

I’m still updating BGG’s SPIEL ’21 Preview, which might be of interest even if you’re not heading to Essen, Germany for the show given the wide variety of games listed, with the latest being the space-based card-management game Apogee from French publisher DTDA Games.

DTDA Games showed up at SPIEL ’19 seemingly out of nowhere with Efemeris, and now it’s a late arrival at SPIEL ’21, too, with the publisher not being listed in Merz Verlag’s SPIEL-GUIDE 2021 or its late registration list from the end of September.

Board Game: Apogee

What’s more, I just heard from Korean publisher Playte — formerly OPEN’N PLAY — which booked at SPIEL ’21 the week of October 4. Yes, Merz Verlag is still booking publishers down to the wire, and I need to get those titles listed ASAP, even though they’ll be available only for demo right now.

Ideally I can give you a good picture of what will be there in Essen to help you know what you want there on your table…