Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Earlier today, Pandasaurus co-owners Molly and Nathan got a call from our warehouse while Brian and Danni were on the road to Indy. Apparently there was a break-in overnight and professional thieves got access to the warehouse facilities. They stole product and loaded it onto a truck.

We were not hit as bad as we could have been, but the thieves did end up snatching 200 copies of The LOOP and 100 copies of Dinosaur World (KS version). The stolen product was immediately offloaded to an online seller, who has already listed it on sites such as Ebay.

The police are involved and have apparently already identified the thieves.

We wanted to loop you in on this situation for two reasons:

1.) If you come across listings for The LOOP and/or Dinosaur World (KS edition) — neither of which have released at retail yet and have yet to deliver to any of y’all — please know this is stolen product.

2.) We have enough extra copies of the game that it shouldn’t affect our ability to deliver pledges.

Board Game: Dinosaur World
Board Game: The LOOP

The good news is, some people are starting to get their games (Rawr n Write only pledges are shipping first since the packout is the easiest) in California so shipping has started and will continue while we are at GenCon.

I know this situation is unbelievable. We are reeling, ourselves. This shouldn’t affect anyone’s pledges; we still have enough product to fulfill all orders. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we get through the investigation.

— Pandasaurus team