Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

In May 2021, publishers KOSMOS and Catan Studioannounced a special 3D edition of Klaus Teuber‘s CATAN, and the world collectively rejoiced and said, “Finally, a game that we can play outside the confines of Flatland! I never thought I’d see a game with depth, but at last that day has come.”

Board Game: CATAN: 3D Edition

Of course that day hasn’t come yet as CATAN: 3D Edition isn’t due out until August 2021, but that day is impending — unless you are reading this post after the game has been released, in which case yes, that day has come.

Anyway, Catan Studio sent me an unsolicited copy of CATAN: 3D Edition, so I thought I’d throw it in front of the camera and share the look of the game with you, gentle reader, in case you were curious about it. I had intended to play it as well and take more than a single picture of the game, but family matters intervened, and that’s just how life works sometimes.

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Should you be attending BGG.CON 2021 in November, you will have a better chance to check out this item as I plan to bring this game to Dallas and add it to the BGG Library for use during the convention. For now, this game is being used as a literal doorstop to keep my three cats from pushing open a door with a faulty latch and intruding upon a fourth cat that is housing with me temporarily. If nothing else, the game does make a fine doorstop because the box weighs nearly nine pounds!

As for how it might look on your gaming table, well, there’s this: