Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

Now Duncan and Veevers have created Cryptid: Urban Legends, a two-player, asymmetric competitive game of deductive reasoning that publisher Osprey Games will release in April 2022. Here’s an overview of the game:

There’s something hiding among us, a creature hitherto undiscovered prowling our very streets. If you track it down, well, that’d be the discovery of the century!

Board Game: Cryptid: Urban Legends

Play as a determined scientist manipulating heat, movement, and sonic sensors to scan the city, identify your quarry’s true location, and capture them — or take the role of a cryptid, snaking your way through shadows and back alleys of the metropolis that surrounds you, eliminating all evidence of your existence as you go, desperately avoiding capture. Emerging victorious in this high stakes cat-and-mouse chase, played out across a sprawling urban landscape, will require all your ingenuity and foresight.

We’ve often described the game as a hidden movement game, but where the movement isn’t actually hidden! While that might sound a like a joke, we actually arrived at the design by attempting to physically represent the possibility space of where the secret player could be in a hidden movement game. As the players engage in the game’s core puzzle, they get to experience the highs and lows of seeing the cryptid’s possible hiding locations grow and shrink. With both players manipulating a shared set of sensors, which can each move only once each round, they will have to balance choosing the right ones to move against managing their limited hand of cards. We hope that each round will give players an interesting new puzzle.